Author Topic: ditch goes to Colorado (again, it's an awesome place to ride)  (Read 1144 times)


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ditch goes to Colorado (again, it's an awesome place to ride)
« on: August 24, 2015, 07:28:36 AM »
Went to Colorado and met a few folks for a couple of days of single track awesomeness (yes that is a real word in my penciled in dictionary). Rode in the Taylor park area and had a great time! Those guys don't slow down for much so didn't get a lot of photos. I'm sure Ridefreak will have some video up soon on that "other" site (advrider for those who are unsure). I and the wife stayed at the Nordic Inn (the owners ride motos, too!) in Crested Butte and I motoed over from there, about 30 miles to the meetup at Spring Lake, a very nice place for a camper.
Taking a breather and enjoying the view, it has been hazy from the smoke coming in from the fires out west so pictures aren't the best.
IMGP0563 by ditch2222, on Flickr

High mountain single track.
IMGP0565 by ditch2222, on Flickr

Mysterious lake along the Star trail. I was solo here on day two as folks were splitting up for their trips home so I went this route, it was a bit rough in spots.
IMGP0583 by ditch2222, on Flickr

Patch of rocks on Star trail, yes, that is the trail, somewhere in there.
IMGP0585 by ditch2222, on Flickr

Part of my choice of the Star trail was it put me close to Flag mountain which I had not been up yet.
IMGP0587 by ditch2222, on Flickr

The route back to Crested Butte, Italian creek, Reno divide(?), and Cement creek, which put me out just south of Crested Butte.
IMGP0592 by ditch2222, on Flickr

I brought my mountain bike, so Sunday morning I took the lift up to try some downhill, I tried an intermediate trail, my bad. This scared the shit out of me, thankfully Yeti puts really good brakes on their bikes. I wouldn't have blinked at this on my motorcycle, but first time on a bicycle was scary. I'm not good enough on a bicycle for this type of riding, not sure I ever will be.
IMGP0599 by ditch2222, on Flickr

I'm not fast enough in the right places, not sure I want to be.
IMGP0600 by ditch2222, on Flickr

It was a great experience regardless, especially since I didn't crash.
All in all another great trip to Colorado.


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Re: ditch goes to Colorado (again, it's an awesome place to ride)
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2015, 07:16:26 PM »
I think "awesome" describes CO pretty good, Wendell. I cant ride there without taking a lot of pictures and stops.

Oh, and that pile of rocks? That isn't a trail. They were lying to you.